the communications catalyst

What does the package include?

Booked and paid for up-front, the package includes:

Initial brief discussion over the phone to tee up a meeting and talk through the necessary documentation.
A Communications Catalyst Session Brief document that you complete and return two weeks prior to the meeting.
Rover will undertake relevant research prior to the meeting.
A meeting agenda will be sent to you prior to the meeting.
The two-hour Catalyst session will be facilitated by least two Rover consultants. Together with you, they will set the direction, provide both big and small ideas, create a workable structure, along with specific activities, to achieve your business objectives.
Following the session, you’ll receive the Communications Catalyst Report, a summary all the ‘big ideas’ and key outcomes of the brainstorm session.
Rover will also prepare a tailored Communications Insights document with how-to, tips and information as a ready reference guide.

The price of the package is $3,000 (plus GST).